Custom Power Transformer and Electrical Substation Manufacturer

The transformer is an integral part of any power distribution line whose failure is not an option as millions of people and industries need electricity at all times. When it comes to quality, reliable distribution transformers, Haolai could be your final destination. We design, manufacture, and test each and every transformer we sell so customers never worry about costly downtime or appalling waste of energy. We also provide prefabricated substations and compact substations for use at almost any power distribution sites.

  • We can customize our power transformers according to customer specific needs.

    Customization Specifications
    Voltage Range: 0~132kV
    Capacity Range: 0~31500kVA
    Transformer Types: dry-type transformer, oil-immersed transformer, dry-type reactor, rectifier transformer, submersible transformer, etc.

    Here is how our customization process goes.
    a. Customer-provided product requirements or technical drawings
    b. Haolai engineers design a drawing.
    c. Customer confirms the drawing.
    d. A transformer prototype is made.
    e. Prototype sent to customer for approval.
    f. Initiates batch production.